Essential oils to relieve anxiety

Essential oils have benefits to soothe and calm the mind and body. Here are some ways to relieve anxious feelings:

Lavender known as a soothing and calming oil. 

Frankincense is the king of oils known for its relaxation, satisfaction and overall wellness.

Vetiver has a calming and grounding effect. A favourite for the diffuser.

Ylang Ylang is used to lessen tension and stress. Add to bath with some Epsom salts. 

Bergamot can aid in reducing agitation. Best to diffuse rather than wear on the skin in daylight as it’s photosensitizing.

Chamomile has a peaceful and calming scent. Promotes inner harmony by reducing irritability, overthinking and anxiety. 

Use these essential oils in conjunction with these strategies for taming anxiety:
Conscious breaths. Each day, make a conscious effort to take ten deep breaths. Try and do this two or three times a day and I’m sure you’ll notice a difference in how you feel feed than raj some oxygen! Rub a drop of frankincense into the palm of your hands and breathe in.

Daily exercise- a stroll counts! Eights are great way to burn off some nervous energy. Use ice blue to relive achy muscles.

Fuel your body with the right foods but don’t deny yourself treats. Apple cider vinegar or slim’n’ sassy oil will help alleviate those sugar cravings. Grapefruit is another great cleanser for the bottle. Just drop one to two drops in a glass of water for a refreshing a drink.

Goal setting – have a goal for each day and a longer term goal. Ensure your goals are S.M.A.R.T. Specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic and time- based. And write them down! A great app for this is called ‘Balanced’. You can personalise each goal and set the frequency.

Simplify life and learn to say no! Life can get busy and it’s easy to become overwhelmed and wonder if you’re going to get everything done. Looking after you comes first.sometimes you will have to say no when someone asks you to do that extra thing or someone asks more than you can give. Diffuse cedarwood oil for strength and stability.

Take a break and make them regular! Reward yourself when you hit your goals and make sure you do something you enjoy everyday.  Choose from cedarwood, grapefruit, bergamot and ginger to diffuse to promote confidence.

Playing with a pet or befriend someone else’s! Pets have a wonderful way to the soothe the soul. Essential oils can be used on pets too!

Talk and smile- some days you may just want to hide under a rock and some days you have to give yourself permission take a break from the world. One way to counteract this is to get those facial muscles working and smile. Say an affirmation out loud such as ‘my body is healthy, my mind is brilliant and my soul is tranquil. Use patchouli with your daily moisturising for a glowing skin, giving you confidence to talk and a reason to smile.

Have a regular massage. Many therapists incorporate essential oils into their practice, but you don’t have to pay for massage. Dilute your favourite massage oil (lavender and frankincense are my top two) with fractionated coconut oil and massage into your own feet and hands.

Listen to your favourite music and preferably so etching upbeat you might find yourself singing along to. Diffuse some cheer and elevate in your diffuser.

Sleep, sleep, sleep! Sleep is so important. Work out how many hours you need each night so you function at your best. Set a gentle alarm clock to wake at a similar time each day. If you have trouble getting to sleep, lavender is my go to. Diffuse with one or two other favourite oils and throw a few drops on your bed. Play a white noise app on your phone (I use ‘Rain Rain’) and you’ll wake up more energised rather than startled and wishing you had just that extra five minutes.